High Pressure Processing (HPP) also known as cold pasteurization is a non-thermal (5ºC – 20ºC) food and beverage preservation method that guarantees food safety (inactivation of pathogens and spoilage bacteria), while maintaining the optimum attributes of fresh products (prevents the destruction of bioactive compounds and the formation of non-desirable substances with a negative impact in the quality of the products)


Created with care and attention to the smallest and most fragile.

Food Safety Guaranteed

Eliminating pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, coliforms, etc.), meeting the requirements imposed by authorities such as FDA, USDA or Health Canada in validation studies.

Minimal Processing 

The nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of food products are kept intact since HPP does not break covalent bonds. It provides minimally processed foods, maintaining the freshness of the original product.

Clean Label. HPP allows to drastically reduce or eliminate the use of preservatives or additives in food.

Sensorial properties

Inactivate micro- organisms and stabilize enzymes. This prevents the destruction of flavor and color compounds and avoids reactions that yield new molecules. 


HPP technology requires mainly electricity and water, which can easily be recycled.